Lasting solution for Seasonal Allergies = SLIT!!

Its that time of year here in Central Oregon. Seasonal allergies are caused by triggers that are difficult to avoid, like pollen, and medications often do not provide enough relief. Are you interested in a more lasting solution?

Chronic Low Grade Inflammation Can’t Be Seen

Chronic inflammation underlies many of the age associated illnesses including cancer and heart disease.

Vitamins B,C,D,E from Food, Not Supplements, Linked to Improved Brain Function

“A study of older adults in Oregon identified mixtures of nutrients [from foods] that seem to protect the brain, and other food ingredients that may worsen brain shrinkage and cognitive decline.”

Daily Aspirin Tied To Risk of Vision Loss

Seniors who take aspirin daily are twice as likely to have late stage macular degeneration than those who never take aspirin, according to a European study.

PSA Test Does More Harm Than Good In Most Men

According the the Unites States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) PSA screening results in little to no  reduction in prostate cancer-specific death rates and is associated with harmful and unnecessary treatments. 

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Beat Low Saturated Fat Diet

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that eating certain nuts, fiber, plants and soy– and getting advice on how to do so effectively — can drop LDL cholesterol levels substantially more than a diet focused only on reducing saturated fat. 

Now there’s a fine kettle of fish…

Did you know that research suggests different types and strengths of fish oil supplementation depending on what you are trying to treat?

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

SIBO is a condition in which abnormally large numbers of normal bacteria are present in the small intestine, leading to impaired digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

Feverfew+Ginger for Headaches

This recent research underscores what natural medicine experts have known for ages:  Feverfew and ginger are safe and effective in treating mild headaches, including migraine.  Its not very often that studies like these are ever performed due to lack of funding, so we are happy to see this published!  Since headaches can be a symptom of serious health problems, consult your Naturopathic […]

Olive Oil May Protect Against Stroke

More support for the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet is coming from researchers in France who are studying over 7500 people 65+  years of age.  Compared with participants who did not use olive oil, those with intensive use had a 41% lower risk for stroke. No other dietary variable was significantly associated with stroke […]